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UST - Operator A&B Training online:
If you are ready to take test direct and you do not need any assistance, please click the link below and start the process:


In case you need any assistance,

Print the Registration Form, fill it up and fax to: (937) 435-5556.
Mail the Hard copy of Registration Form with Check or Money order for Fee to:
Ohio Petroleum, P.O. Box 750575, Dayton, OH 45475.

We will get you registered and will send you Login and Password to get the test done quickly.

Registration Form If you have a question go to contact 
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Welcome to igsoa. The purpose of this web is to offer the support services to our Members. We've provided a number of resources here to help you run a profitable Fuel Supply Retail Outlet. Other than the igsoa support service, you have thousands of independent gas station owners to help you with their knowledge and experience. You never feel alone if you have a question or a challenge. Join the Group Buying Power of igsoa.

You may also obtain help by :

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