How do you drive traffic from the pumps to the C-store?

A consumer is at the pump at 7:00am. He notices a commercial for fresh coffee, and hears the sound of steaming hot coffee being poured into a cup. The consumer gets a whiff of a coffee scent, and now is craving a cup of coffee. The consumer is then able to print off a coupon for $0.25 for that day. You have engaged all of the consumers senses, 6D marketing, and have driven the customer from your pumps, to your C-Store!

Having attractively prepared food, freshly brewed coffee, clean counters, sanitized restrooms, well mopped floors helps encourage repeat customers.

Not long to wait now, in igsoa owned stations are using mobile phones to pre pay for gas/petrol and collect a free coffee, just one vehicle (excuse the pun) to pre ordering/pre paying...its coming, oh the EU have said "using a mobile around forecourts is an urban myth re combustible areas, just look at Airports and their use, far more combustible fumes..??

PDA's will replace normal CC or Cash payments and get your your free meal deal too...wake up guys and smell the coffee...