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1 1.91
2 1.92
3 1.92
4 1.92
5 1.94
6 1.94
7 1.94
8 1.91
9 1.91
10 Off
12 1.95
13 1.97
14 2.02
15 2.07
16 Off
18 2.07
19 2.07
20 2.05
21 2.05
22 2.10
23 2.09
26 2.03
27 2.03
28 1.98
29 2.04
30 2.10

Tips to Sellers:
Staging & evaluating your property
before you list it for sale

  1. What do the Numbers Say?
    1. Look at your numbers for last (3) years because Buyers are looking to purchase an income stream and want to see what the business has been doing for at least the last 3 years.
    2. Is it trending up or trending down? Buyers are looking to buy an income stream and especially one that has an upside to it. They like to find businesses that are well ran in a good industry and just need a little tweaking to make it more profitable.
  2. What is the Quality of the Assets? 
    1. What kind of condition are the building, the fixtures, and the equipment.
    2. Have these items been neglected and possibly antiquated or worn out?
    3. Is the business current with all of the governmental codes and requirements? If not what will it cost to get the business current.
  1. All of the income generated by the business been ran through the books?
    1. Are there personal items that have been paid by the business that need to be identified so that the buyer can get a true picture of what the business is generating?
    2. I would suggest that you put yourself in buyer’s position and make a list of the items that you would be concerned about if you were buying a business to support yourself and your family. It is a good reality check.
    3. We are not trying to be personal on any of these items only realistic for both parties.
  2. Buyer would like to see a good reason to sell the business.
  3. Don’t forget to add value in existing business by using your experience being owner of this business for a period of time.

A)    You must know about the good and bad factors of your business.

B)     Make recommendations to yourself, what if you change this thing or that, how it will effect on your business.

  1. Make list of those recommendations and work on them (if you can). It could be maintaining an equipment, fixture or reviewing your agreements and commitments with Venders and Suppliers.

A)    If you are not happy with any of your venders, try to get out of their contracts and replace them with a better one or leave that option available to the new owner.

B)     If you are satisfied with your vender or supplier, leave a not why?

C)    Try to maintain a performance review of your important venders and suppliers.

  1. If you are locked into an Agreement, Contract or Commitment with any of your suppliers. what options you have if you are not satisfied with their products or services.

With the above listed information you can now use a multiplier to get an idea what your business may be worth.

A)    For a retail business that would include real estate:-
- 4 to 5 times the net profit to get market value of the business.

B)     Business without any real estate:-
- 1 to 3 times the net profit plus the value of the equipment.

C)    Deduct the risk factors to get realistic value of your business.



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