Hi Habib,
The Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS) is the most far-reaching -- and widely misunderstood -- federal regulation ever enacted. It impacts every link in the petroleum products and biofuels distribution chain. But how well do you really know the RFS? Take this quick quiz to find out…
1)      How much cellulosic ethanol and biodiesel will obligated parties have to blend into fuel this year, next year and beyond?
2)      Name the four carve-out categories for biofuels blending mandates.
3)      How much will your blending credits be worth this month, next quarter, next year?
4)      True or false? Marketers aren’t obligated parties under the RFS.
5)      How will buying from overseas ethanol producers impact your RFS2 compliance?
How did you do? Not knowing can cost you fines of up to $37,500 per day per violation! Get these answers and more at the 2nd Annual OPIS RFS2 & RINs Forum where we’ve assembled the industry’s top experts to tackle these federal regulation head on.
Take a look at the agenda. It’s packed with everything you need to know to stay in compliance including; who exactly is an “obligated party,” how to prepare for an EPA audit, impacts of the new RINs federal database, how to file quarterly attest engagements, and much more.
I look forward to seeing you in Chicago!
Robert Gough
Executive Editor, Renewable Fuels, OPIS