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Listing Policy

igsoa does not represent any seller advertising their business for sale


1. No Listing Fee: For igsoa members to list their business for sale.
2. Seller must be igsoa member.
3. Listing Period is (6) Six Months.
4. The Seller is Free to sell their property or business any time
through any other brokerage / media or direct to any buyer.
5. During the Agreement Period, if the Seller ends up selling or leasing the business to igsoa represented Buyer, there will be no fee charged to the seller, however, if the buyer is not represented by igsoa, the seller will pay 1% listing fee to igsoa as compensation.
6. The Seller may cancel this agreement anytime after 90 days,
however, if ends up selling or leasing this business within
one year after the cancellation of this agreement, the seller
will pay 1% of listing price as compensation to igsoa.
Buyer’s Policy:
1. Buyer must be represented by a Broker or Attorney.
2. The Buyer must be pre-qualified by igsoa.
3. If Buyer does not have any representation, igsoa will
provide a Licensed Broker and Financial Consultant
to represent the buyer for any acquisition. Fee Agreement
is available online for review. 

4. Buyer’s or their representatives must fill up
confidentiality form on line and submit to proceed:

6. Clients Representation Form:-

7. Following elements are covered in our fee:
- Closing Cost excluding Taxes,
- Title Search, Background check, Criminal Investigation.
- Attorney Fee for documents review and preparation.
- Fuel Supply Agreement review and negotiation.

Exit Policy under Management Program
Swairah Web Solution is Retail Management Consulting Company and Ohio Petroleum is one of its divisions dedicated to Fuel Related Retail Management Operations.
- We offer multiple solutions to those who want maximum return of their investments in retail operations or want to take a break (Short term or Long term) from their business for any reasons.
- We manage the business under the management agreement for as long as they need it. (We pay one-year assessment of profit in advance at sign up and continue sending checks for same amount on first day of each year as long as we have the management agreement.
- We help the retailers to run successful operation, providing them consultation and support at every step of their Retail Operation.
- We don't charge any fee if there is no significant growth in revenue.
- We help Sellers in Selling the Real Estate and Business without charging any listing fee.
- We buy gas station and convenience store business and Real Estate too.
- We help buyers to evaluate and negotiate business or real estate to purchase.
- We do audit the Retail Stores for our clients.
- We appraise the business and Real Estates for our clients.
- We review Fuel Supply Agreements for our clients.
- We locate suitable business for our clients.
- We offer acquisition assistance to individuals and companies for fee, to protect their investment in retail acquisition. Please visit www.ohiopetroleum.net and look for Client Assistance Agreement.
- We also offer igsoa program to run an independent retail operation more efficiently.
For any question, please don't hesitate to contact:
Habib Shah (Financial Consultant)
Swairah Web Solutions (Network)
Ohio Petroleum (igsoa program)
Tel: (937) 470-9400 / Tel: (937) 470-6660
Fax: (937) 435-5556
Email: habib@swairah.com Email: habib@igsoa.net Email: habib@ohiopetroleum.net 
The above e-mail addresses are being protected from spambots. 
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