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iGsoa Terminal Project
(5) Five Million Gallon
Petroleum Storage Facility,
Dayton, OH

AHJ Summary
IGSOA Brandt Terminal
(Miami Valley Ohio)

  This document details initial efforts to develop on approximately five million gallon multiple fuel types storage and distribution terminal for northeast Dayton, Miami Valley, Ohio. Throughout our early efforts we have been met with constantly professional responses by all authorities having jurisdiction. The City of Dayton generally has been open, helpful to the point of welcoming in their response to descriptions of our goals. Over all this community has suggested it recognizes the benefits to accrue from our proposed development from general economic stimulus terms, to specific financial benefits to the citizens of the Miami Valley, Ohio.

We look forward to your examination and considered response to the descriptions of our project contained herein, and are prepared to offer additional information as may be solicited.

  As existing pair of two parcels of undeveloped land totaling 35 acres +/- is located at approximately the intersection of Brandt Pike and Needmore Road within the municipal boundaries of Dayton, OH. Topographic consist of gently rolling scrub covered land with a single seasonal stream running across it. The properties are edged by Interpoint Blvd, and Brandt Pike. Municipal Utilities are available adjacent to the properties. Adjacent properties are developed as commercial light industrial and general office uses.

  The properties are presently zoned appropriately for the proposed use. This has been confirmed through a series of discussions and meetings with City Staff in a forum conducted by the City of Dayton. The preliminary site plan we have proposed complies with the basic underlying zoning and requires no public hearings, and no priority board presentations.

  The Proposed site is adjacent to the municipality of Riverside, initial contact has been made with its City Manager and Economic Development Director. The City of Dayton requires coordination with abutting municipalities. The preliminary site plan meets or exceeds all municipal development standards for land use for this zoning district.

  This project proposes to be positioned adjacent to and connect to any existing intrastate liquid fuel pipeline that runs in the right-of-way of Brandt Pike. However there are no proposed vehicular curb cuts proposed for Brandt Pike. All traffic will enter/exit to/from Interpoint Blvd. the active portions of the development will be encircled with a security fence.

  The site is proposed to be encircled with a buffer/berm of 100' wherever it abuts any other property or right-of-way except adjoining commercial light industrial development. Included in the development are several aggressive remediation for storm water including two 1 acre +/- ponds and a mitigated stream. Proposed site coverage leaves greater than 30% of the site unoccupied by commercial development.

  The property is proposed to be the site of a multiple fuel types storage, loading and distribution terminal with bulk storage tanks, a breakout tank, OTR loading facilities, queuing areas for OTR tanks, monitoring and administration buildings.

Step One Step Two Step Three
Zoning Design / Documentation / Approvals Construction

  Step One
  Fundamentally all of Step One is due diligence. Interviews are conducted with all of the gate keeper regulators. These interviews create a sense of the hurdles involved. Research is performed of all the readily available pre-existing data to also create a formula of likelihood of success. Preliminary budgeting is performed. Financing starts.

  Step Two
  This portion of the project is the meat of all the preparation. Detailed research is performed, including destructive investigation. Concept, detailed, and final design and documentation is prepared. Budgets are confirmed. Bidding is performed. Plan approval is obtained for Construction. Financing is finalized.

  Step Three
  Construction contracts are executed. Finally construction is performed. Testing and certifications are conducted. Certificates are granted.

  Building Services - City of Dayton Building Department
  This entity regulates all vertical construction for compliance with applicable state and national building codes including: building, mechanical, electrical, energy, and fuel gas piping.

  Health Services - Public Health Montgomery County
  This entity regulates all public health regulations relating to public and private sanitary disposal, and domestic water for compliance with state and national plumbing codes.

  Source Water Protection Area - City of Dayton Water Department
  this entity regulates topographically and geographically specific utilization of lands within and adjacent to a specialized district describing and accessing domestic public drinking water.

  Zoning - City of Dayton Zoning Department
  This entity regulates described lands within specialized districts by use for compliance with locally adopted ordinances.

  Environmental Protection - Ohio environmental Protecting Agency
  This entity regulates activities on, above and within lands by outcomes related to compliance with state and national standards for environmental quality.

  Fir Safety and Prevention - City of Dayton Fire Department
  This entity regulates construction and activity related to fire prevention and protection of human life within described structures and on described lands for compliance with local, state and national life safety codes.

  Engineering - City of Dayton Department of Public Works
  this entity regulates construction related to public thoroughfares and appurtenances for compliance with local, state and federal adopted standards.

  Environmental Standards - City of Dayton Water Department
  This entity regulates acquisition and delivery of domestic drinking water for compliance with local, state and federal adopted standards.

  Property / real Estate Taxes - Montgomery County Auditor
  This entity regulates the method of acquisition, transfer, subdivision, description and recording of regulated real estate properties within Montgomery county.

  Wastewater Collection / Water Supply - Montgomery County Dept of Environment
  This entity regulates domestic sanitary and domestic water supply, the design of connections thereto and quality thereof.

  Storm Water Management - City of Dayton Water Department
  This entity regulates source and disposal of storm water and its compliance with applicable local, state and federal standards.

  Sphear     Entity
  Design Professinals in Responsible Charge
- ALT Architecture, Inc., 
     Beavercreek, OH
29 years old interdisciplinary AE firm with specialization regulatory and compliance expertise.
  Fuel Handling and Storage Systems Technology Engineers
- Ridge & Associates, Inc., 
         Findlay, OH
35 year old Engineering firm with specialized experience in >100 fuel storage and distribution campuses.

  Site Civil Engineers

 - Caliber Engineering, Inc., 
     Centerville, OH
35 years old Engineering firm with project experience specializing in large acreage commercial development. ( Included here are all environmental design and remediation).
  Site Landscape Architects
- Topos Studio, Inc., 
   Centerville, OH
16 years experience in public and private sector design and compliance from client and AHJ side.
  Geotechnical Testing and Analysis Engineers
  - Patriot Engineering and Environmental, Inc.,
           Miamisburg, OH
Multi-disciplinary multi-state engineering firm with specialized experience in compliance testing.
  Construction Managers
  - M2 Construction Management, LLC.,
           Huber   Heights, OH
45 years combined experience in commercial construction management.
  Legal consultants
- Martin Brone Hull & Harper, Pll, 
         Springfield, OH
Legal practice with specializing in large acreage multi-use land use development.

Preliminary Estimated Project Budget  =   US$ 11,000,000.00

Item Budget (US$)
*1 Tanks / Canopies / systems (Storage and Distribution)
- See detailed summary below.
*2 Site Work and Landscape (Hardscape and softscape)
- See detailed summary below.
3 2500 sq ft Operations Office Building
- Pre engineered metal building
- 3 finished offices, 1 large maintenance bay.
4 8000 sq ft Corporate Office Building
- Pre Engineered metal building
- Look to mimic exterior of Canopy and Operations Bldgs.
*5 Soft
- All professional services
6 Regulatory / AHJ's
- All fee / assessments / bonds
7 Preliminary Summary Budget 10,339,809.00
*1 Tanks / Canopies / Systems (Storage and Distribution)
- 5 - 1M gal tanks w/fdns, cathodic protect, ext painting
- Canopy
- Drivers Kiosks
- Loading Pumps
- Vapor Combustion Unit
- Loading Rack Skids
- Oil/Water Separator
-  Slabs at VCU and loading rack
- Terminal Automation System
- Motor Control Center
- Loading Arms
- Additional Injection System
- Dry Chem. Fire Suppression for Loading Rack
- Piping
- Electrical at Loading Rack
- Tank and Pipe Hydro testing

Preliminary Budget Summary

*2 Site Work and Landscape (Hardscape and Softscape)
- Wetland Mitigation
- Earthwork
- Storm Sewer On Site
- Water Main On Site
- Sanitary Sewer On Site
- Utility Services
- Paving On Site
- Site Lighting
- Fencing
- Landscaping
- Signage
- Contingency

Preliminary Budget Summary

*5 Soft
- Architectural and Engineering
- Systems Engineering and Commissioning
- Site Engineering / Buffer Design
- Geotechnical Testing and Engineering
- Construction Management
- Legal

Preliminary Budget Summary



For program details email: terminal@igsoa.net

(Private Brand "igsoa")

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